The Chiara high performance stereo loudspeaker features sophisticated engineering, state-of-the-art
materials and high tech manufacturing processes to minimize structural vibration, offering uncolored tonal
coherence and a robust sound previously unattainable in a compact loudspeaker of this size.
It is the smallest loudspeaker in the Kaiser Kawero speaker range, all manufactured from Panzerholz, a
high tech natural wood-based laminate engineered in Germany. Panzerholz is incredibly dense: it sinks in
water, offers the rigidity of steel, and also boasts some of the best vibration damping characteristics in the
world. In fact, as a side-effect of this performance, it turns out that this loudspeaker is bulletproof.
Hardships in working this extremely hard material are overcome by careful tooling and handling techniques.



• Tankwood / rubber / glass fibre high pressure
   sandwich cabinet without parallel surfaces
• Bass and midrange 4th order alignment design
   through rear-firing passive radiator (custom made
   Scan Speak Illuminator unit)
• Custom paper and carbon sandwich cone driver
   from Scan-Speak Denmark
• Extremely fast custom made Mundorf AMT tweeter
• Duelund CAST Cu capacitor and inductor
• Crossover components individually pressure-mated
   to Panzerholz
• Point-to-point wiring; no Printed Circuit Boards
• Advanced microvibration control throughout State-of-
   the-art Computerized Numerical Control
   machining and assembly to the tightest tolerances
   achievable today


Attractive in the modern domestic interior, this
surprisingly weighty loudspeaker features an ultra-thin
stand which hides the internal signal wires. Thus, a
sleek modernity and clean domestic look is maintained,
while a huge, high performance, enveloping
sound field is created, emanating from sculpturesque
objects of friendly proportions.
Chiara is a very different loudspeaker; one which
projects natural, unforced musical emotion in a most
compelling way.

Technical Specifications

Bandwidth 40Hz – 30kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity 87dB@2.83V
Impedance 4 Ohm
Crossover Point 3100Hz
Recommended Power 150 Watts
Connections Single-wired
Height 1160mm
Width 295mm
Depth 470mm
Weight 34kg ea.


The standard Kawero!® Chiara comes with a
colour lacquered cabinet. You can choose
from any RAL or NCS colours.

Special lacquerings available on demand.
The front baffle can be laminated with
carbon mesh or wood veneer.
High Gloss lacquering is available.


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